Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Preparing for Poland

This is where I am going to be writing about my adventures in Poland during Spring 2007. Exciting stuff, but I don't leave for another 5 weeks, despite the fact that many of my friends are already overseas and school here in Atlanta starts soon. It is, however, all good because I'm going to use this 5 weeks to get my shit together! I'm utilizing our new netflix account to watch some Polish films...I'm making myself studying Polish for at least an hour each day (this part of my plan hasn't really been put in action yet), and I've been walking around acting out different possible dialogues in my head. The exciting thing is that I can understand decent bits of the dialogue in the movies and I have a sense of the accuracy of the subtitles. Also, I'm getting a bit better at rolling by r's. Superrrrr!

Speaking of which, I just finished watching "Knife in Water," directed by Roman Polanski. I chose it kind of randomly, my dad mentioned that it was Polanski's debut film and supposed to be quite good. Shockingly, that which is criticically acclaimed actually carries through, and I liked the movie a lot. I won't try to make pretentiously astute observations about the film, but I must note that Krystyka, the female character (with an awesome name. o jej, mamuszka, why didn't you give me a Polish name!) wore some killer glasses and had great hair. Oh, 1960s fashion, where have you gone!